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In life, the transitional should only lead you to the ultimate and not bury you beneath its activities.

Life becomes a bore when we choose to dwell in the doorway instead of forging ahead into the sunlight.

The problem is that we become so comfortable with the bird in hand and are too scared to seek the many out there in the bush.

The worth of the bird in hand is already known and limited but there lies in the bush birds of different species too numerous to quantify, waiting to be found and beckoning to be seen.

When we allow the daring force of the human spirit, the resilience of self will and the audacity of the voice within to be quelled by fear of future uncertainties and failures foretold, we lose grip of the cord of purpose that binds us with our true self.

Launching out therefore demands the roar of a lion who will not turn aside for any.

It requires the stark nakedness of a mad man who is not in any way bothered about stares and comments of passersby.

Shedding off the skin of comfort and daring into the cold and murky waters of purpose requires a paradigm shift from the mentality of commonness and normality into the realm of thinking that embraces our uniqueness, highlights our differences and heralds our individual savour and fragrance.

Nonetheless, until restlessness arouses the sleeping giant within us, we will keep circling and celebrating the transitional phases of our lives.

This restlessness is cooked upon a flame of hunger and thirst. It is stirred by the spatula of hope, served upon a platter of grace and eaten with the spoon of faith.

Deep within us, we know there is no limit to who we can be and what we can achieve. Yet, the ugly salad of anxiety, trepidation, seeming inadequacies and the shudder of how great we could be immobilizes us.

We are fearful, yet yearning. Looking content, still searching. The battle rages behind the closed doors of our soul, seeking to break free but still coveting the locks.

Truth be told, no formula could suffice other than just leaping out like a child. Yes, like a child who doesn’t think the ground could hurt before taking that leap. In the first place, he doesn’t even realize there is force called gravity.

So just take the leap.

You may ask, “leap to where?” Leap to wherever. Leap to the dreams that burns within your heart. Leap to the penned down empires and institutions.

Take that dive and let the restlessness propel you to heights yet unknown. Take that dive until you find the treasures buried deep beneath the ocean floor.

You will just have to soar.

You do not need wait for the wings. Just take the leap and let the wings meet you airborne!

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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